Twitter and Google Mail - A Match Made in Social Media Heaven

Users of Twitter will know that it has a 1 account for 1 email address policy, unlike facebook pages and tumblr accounts where you can have multiple pages linked to multiple accounts.  This is quite frustrating for users like me who manage up to 30 twitter accounts for different departments across Leeds City College.

The solution, Gmail!  Gmail has a relatively unknown feature which allows multiple address to be created on the fly.

If your email address is for example then having the dots in the email address doesn't matter and twitter will and as different email addresses enabling you to set up different twitter accounts this way.

With Gmail you can also append text on the end of your username using the + symbol, for example any email sent to will end up in the same gmail account as, amazing!

Try it on your own Gmail account.  This also works with email addresses that use Google Apps.