Facebook Ad Terms & Conditions

On Friday I was starting a new Facebook campaign to promote the courses that are still available at Leeds City College with the following image.

The image is standard to the college brand guidelines but on the advert was rejected by Facebook.

Facebook gave the following reasons to why the advert was rejected, 

"Your ad wasn't approved because it uses too much text in its image, which violates Facebook's Ad Guidelines. Ads that show in the News Feed can't include more than 20% text. Learn more in the Help Center: " with a link to the Ads help pages https://www.facebook.com/help/468870969814641/

I wasn't aware of this rule but it's made me think about future adverts, maybe it is best just to show a simple image with very little text to promote an event or a story?  One thing is for sure and that's Facebook won't be changing their policy anytime soon!