Leeds City College Social Media Avatar

Leeds City College was founded in 2009 and was the result of a merger from 3 legacy colleges.  A new Leeds City College brand and website was created but an avatar was left behind, something I think is extremely important when especially with social media.

The current Leeds City College logo is great but it's not ideal for the typical Social Media square that has become synonymous with current Social Media platforms.

Full Logo - (2009-2010)
The 1st Leeds City College avatar was a rendition of the actual logo which I would always recommend using, but in this case the layout of the logo isn't suited for a square canvas.  

Cropped - (2010-2012)
The next avatar was a cropped version of the logo and as you can see it is better suited for square avatars and icons.  This icon was used on our Social networks and favicons throughout out website/microsites.

Circles - (2012-2013)
The Circles avatar evolved from the cropped version above and very much complying with the college brand guidelines.  It is very iconic and easily recognised as a Leeds City College avatar.  I also used different variations of this logo, in different colours for different social networks which also worked well.
Iris - (2013-)
Iris is a variation of the cropped logo above but with a few simple changes.  There is now only 1 solid colour across the 3 circles rather than a variation of different colours per sections.  

How Iris will look on Facebook

The Avatar is still easily recognised as Leeds City College and compliments the brand and guidelines perfectly.  

Iris will be launched this December across our range of Social Networking sites.