Tip: How to use the desktop version of Facebook on an iPhone or Mobile Device

Sometimes using the mobile site or the official Facebook app isn't enough and you want access to some of the amazing featurs that Facebook have created for the full site.

To access the full desktop version of Facebook click on the link below


Infographic: Things that are bigger on the inside

It's not just the Tardis you know!

via Hello With Cheese

The Best Michael Jackson Musicless Video You'll See Today

Superman Point of View

It's strange, I've seen all the superman movies hundreds of times but it's never occurred to me what it would be like from Supermans point of view.  The brilliant guys over at Patreon have created this amazing video.. Watch it!

Animated Gif of the Day: Batman and Superman

101 Sikh Beards Video

I came across this video by twitter user @SukdeepDhadda and it perfectly showcases 101 different Sikh beards (and Turban) styles in Punjab.

Video by borisbooij.com

Leeds City Centre Night Photography

Last night I ventured out in the cold with the guys from Singh Photography to take some night photos of Leeds City Centre.

We started off at the bottom of town near Bridgewater (Dalek) building.

After Bridgewater, we went over the road to Granary Wharf to take these cracking shots

We then moved to Leeds City Centre where I wanted to take some decent shots of the Town Hall.  I was extremely lucky as during my 30-second shot a plane flew past and the photo captured the lights perfectly! This happened twice!

and finally for the night... Millennium Square

Victory of the Daleks Retro Poster

via @BBCDoctorWho

I love this Doctor Who Dalek Poster, posted earlier by the BBC, it perfectly captures the mood and the retroness of the episode.  It almost makes me want to watch it again! Exterminate!

There's a man walking in New York City with a Cat on his head

New York City is home to the wacky and wonderful but I've never seen this before. A man walking around with a Cat on to head. Well why not?