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Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


So after reading some of the reviews and desperately avoiding any spoilers I went to watch Batman v Superman with an open mind... after all It's 2 of the greatest superheroes that fight it out... it's gotta be epic right? well it was.... well the second half of the film was.

How is it possible that I was bored?

So after the first half of the film, including the boring fight between Batman and Superman it started to redeem itself when Batman went to save Clark's mum... now that was old school Batman, bad ass and unwilling to compromise... superb!

But then....

Superman dies.... well kind of, Whilst the fight between Superman and Doomsday, the US Army decides to nuke their asses above Metropolis... Doomsday lands back on earth with crazy new powers and mega laser eyes while Superman just floats around space all dead and mangled until the sun rises...

So he was dead right?

Yes he was dead... done... gone... bye bye... but he soon healed with the power of the sun, YAY... He flys back down and fights Doomsday some more until Doomsday stabs him in the heart. RIP Kal El.  So if Superman was dead a 2nd time in the same film, why couldn't they just get him some sunlight? surely he would heal?

So anyways, I kinda did like Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight - he kicked some serious ass and no doubt got better as the film progressed.  Wonder Woman was awesome too although she really didn't get enough screen time... She needs her own film.

I'm so grateful that I've been able to watch this but I was just left with a disappointment as I really wanted more from these 2 legends. 3/5

Improvisation at the train station in paris!

Song of the Day: Let Love Be Your Energy

Groundhog Day Battle - Rope A Dope - Wake, Fight, Repeat

Words cannot express how much I love this video by Eric Jacobus. It's got everything from Time-Loops to kick ass and brilliantly choreographed martial arts.

Give it a watch, It will be the best 13 minutes 16 seconds you will spend today.

RIP David Bowie

366 Movie Challenge

Every new year I like to set myself a personal challenge, this year I'm going to try and watch 366 Movies, 1 a day.  I'm currently on Day 9 and so far I've watched 8 films (Currently on a Star Wars Binge). The most films I've watched in a year historically was 149 at that was in 2010!

If you don't already follow my Movie blog, you can do so at

Here's to 2016 and to watching some amazing Movies!

The Evolution of a Stormtrooper

I love this image showing the evolution of a Stormtrooper. Since watching The Force Awakens i've caught Star Wars fever and rekindled my love of all things Jedi.

11 things I've learned since switching to Apple Mac

Last Christmas (I gave you my heart) I was fortunate enough to revive a brand new Apple Macbook Air.  I've traditionally been a PC guy who finds comfort in familiarity but this is the future right? so I decided to bite the bullet and try something new... after all millions of other people can't be wrong.  After using Windows all the way from Windows 3.11 - Windows 10, these are the 11 things I've learnt in the past couple of weeks.

1. So I just need to sign in with my Apple ID and it just works? Yes! all excited on Christmas day I fired up my brand spanking new Air and it asked me to sign in, once I did, it automatically configured itself according to my account. So simple and a win for Apple

2. There's no start menu... actually it turns out I don't miss this, I like all my apps in the dock.

3. Launchpad is awesome, it's perfect for people like me who are familiar with an iPhone and iPad interface, it's the same! I love it!

4. Finder.  Now this freaked me out at first, it's sort of the equivalent to file explorer and start menu in Windows... this took me the longest to get used to.

5. Accounts.  It's just as simple to add accounts to your Mac as it is on an iPhone.  This is something that Windows really lacks.  After about 5 minutes I had all my email and social accounts configured. Amazing.

6. Copy and Paste... Arrrghhh why can't I Copy and Paste??... it turns out that the Command button is the equivalent to Ctrl on a PC, so it's nice that I can Copy and Paste again. I still don't know what the Ctrl key does but I'm sure I'll find out.

7. Text Messages, iMessage, Facetime and Phonecalls.  I did know that Macs could do all these but until you use it, you've really no idea how convenient it is.  I now hardly use my phone at the same time as Mac.

8. @ and # keys. It took me ages to figure these 2 out I'm still not sure why they are on the 2 and 3 keys but I'm getting used to it.

9. Photos.  I love that photos taken on your phone are Automatically synced over to the Mac, I'm still not sure how to do it the other round way yet.

10. It's so fast! I mean crazy fast... it's probably because it's new but I'm not kidding when I say lightning fast, websites load instantly, files are copied super quick.

11.  Trackpad.  The Apple Trackpad is so much easier than I thought it would be.  The multi touch pad is a dream to use... just as simple as an iPad and being able to use gestures like 2 finger scroll is awesome.

There are loads more differences but these are the main ones I've noticed over the past 2 weeks.